WINS Detergent
December 26, 2017 New Products No Comments

WIN Dissolves The Smelly Oil Residue That Builds Up On Your Tech Gear Ordinary detergent is formulated to work on cotton fibers – the most common clothing fiber. Since cotton naturally repels body oils, these detergents are powerless against the types of stains and odors that linger in high performance sportswear. Synthetic fibers like those used in athletic gear repel water, but cling to odor-causing oils and bacteria. WIN breaks the bond between the oils and the fibers so your clothing gets truly clean. Biodegradable, Hypoallergenic And Color Safe WIN never uses harsh chemicals to get your clothes clean. Expensive technical fabrics will not fade or break down as they would with harsher detergents. WIN dissolves these oils and kills the bacteria so your gear is left looking, smelling, and feeling like new.

WIN Blue vs WIN Green

WIN Blue has a light, clean scent. When you open your drawer, your nose will immediately put your mind and body into workout mode.

WIN Green is made for people with sensitive noses and/or skin. It does not have any fragrance or dye. It also uses more eco-friendly chemicals, and has been awarded the EPA’s Safer Choices seal.


Written by Alec