Brooks Transcend 4
April 1, 2017 New Products No Comments

Now in its fourth version, Transcend utilizes an improved Guide Rail system that runs the length of the midsole, as opposed to a medial post or plastic midfoot shank, to combat excess foot pronation.

Brooks Transcend 4 – Lateral Side
Brooks Transcend 4 – Lateral Side

It works remarkably well but does contribute to a slightly stiff ride, especially at first. The stiffness has its benefits in durability of the shoe and also by holding a shape that brings me forward, but it isn’t as comfortable as the brand’s Ravenna 8.

Transcend 4 fits squarely in the moderate stability category, competing well with both ASICS Gel-Kayano 23 and adidas Supernova Sequence 9 for long run support and challenging Nike Odyssey 2 for a stable shoe that encourages speedwork.

These shoes all share a secure heel and midfoot fit with Kayano edging ahead just slightly in maintaining that fit into a long run.

The biggest difference comes in the toe box. Transcend strikes a balance between the more snug, shallow-spaced Kayano and Odyssey, and the roomy loft of Sequence 9.

Another factor between these four shoes is the drop height with Transcend at 8mm, Sequence coming in at 10mm, Kayano’s 13mm (for women’s-men’s drop is also 10mm), and Odyssey with a 12mm differential.

Written by Alec