Tuesday @ 7pm

Berkeley Running Company is proud to join the East Bay Beer Runners each week! ¬†Featured in Draft Magazine as one of the “beer and running clubs to join in 2017,” this is a group for anyone interested in balancing fitness with the enjoyment of craft beer in the East Bay. Every Tuesday night a group of runners with varying experience meets at a local brewery or craft beer bar and runs between 3-6 miles returning for post-run beer. Past events have taken place in Oakland (The Trappist, Beer Revolution, Drake’s Dealership), Berkeley (Fieldwork Brewing, Triple Rock, Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Room), San Leandro (Drake’s Brewery, 21st Amendment), and many more locations throughout the East Bay.

Running routes are determined several days in advance and are posted on meetup. We look forward to running and enjoying some beer with you!

Written by Alec