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Winter Running Tips!

Here comes that time of year again, where the weather gets harsher and the daylight ends sooner. While the urge to run may become less in the winter, you can make winter running safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some tips for a better winter run:

What to Wear:

-Be sure to wear warm clothes such as long sleeves, beanies, and gloves.

-Make sure to wear layers and not one thick piece of clothing

-Do not overdress, to avoid overheating. Dress like the weather is 10-15 degrees warmer because your body temperature will compensate while running.

-Wear headlamps and reflective clothing as daylight ends early

-If you are running back to your car make sure to keep a dry change of clothes and a blanket for unexpected weather during your run.

Staying Safe:

-Try running during daylight, if your schedule makes that impossible make sure you are adequately illuminated at night.

-Run without music or keep it at a low volume. Wind, rain and snow make tree branches more susceptible to falling on people. Be more aware of what is going around you, keep your ears and eyes open.

-Avoid running near cars when road conditions are slippery. Vehicle traction can be unpredictable in these conditions. Keep your distance from busy roads.

-Watch for ice! Shorten your strides, stay low and maintain your center of gravity as best as possible. You never know when you could hit a patch of ice.

– Stay alert and be observant. Winter causes a more unforgiving terrain so stay safe.

-Drink plenty of water. It’s harder to tell if you are dehydrated in colder conditions. Make sure you are staying hydrated before, after and during runs.

More Enjoyment/Motivation:

-Register for a spring race to train for to motivate you to run in the winter.

-Find a running group or running partner. Having someone to endure the weather with makes it much easier to get out and run.

-Get into the holiday spirit! There are tons of houses to be seen with awesome decorations. What better way to hit every block than to do it on your run.

-Change up your routes. Just use your computer or smart phone to look at satellite view of your area to find new routes you may have never known about. Changes up the routine and gets you out of a winter rut.


At the Berkeley Running Company we have the apparel, accessories and shoes to help you reach your winter running goals and comfort. Come stop by and we will be happy to fill your needs for the cold weather to come!

Written by Alec