We have all experienced that sensation of a tight muscle that we struggle to train through and that limits our overall performance. As activity levels increase, walkers and runners may experience pain, weakness, or fatigue in their muscles which affects their workouts. Trigger point dry needling (TDN) is one option that can help address your symptoms.

Dry needling uses a thin needle to penetrate the skin and muscle to release underlying trigger points. It can be applied throughout the body including at low back, hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles and can be very effective in loosening tight and painful muscles.

Join Capital Physical Therapist, Dr Sarah Stineman, in this session to learn more about trigger point dry needling and why this should be included in part of your overall training program if you are experiencing pain and muscle tightness. This session will also offer registered and interested attendees the opportunity to experience trigger point dry needling.

To reserve a spot for this wonderful and informative workshop, RSVP at info@berkeleyrunningcompany.com.

Written by Alec